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ERLC under scrutiny Moore apologizes for election ill will, but is it enough? MOORE Illinois Baptist Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Peoria, Illinois Permit No. 325 God's family history Our story isnt finished yet P. 2 JANUARY 16, 2017 Vol. 111 No. 01 News journal of the Illinois Baptist State Association IBSA Pat Pajak to steer Illinois evangelism Jack Lucas joins team P. 3 PASSING Former executive director remembered Served 1993-1995 P. 3 NEWS Trump appointments Southern Baptists watching incoming leaders P. 5 Visit our new website See page 3 for more addresses. IB REPORT: Three stops on the journey of a lifetime P. 7-11 in focus Quality of Life Today's 'sanctity of life' debate involves babies-and a whole lot more. For example, how is the church caring for its elderly? As Donald Trump prepared for his inauguration as U.S. President, one Southern Baptist leader faced backlash for his comments about the President-elect during the campaign. Rus- sell Moore , president of the Ethics and Re- ligious Liberty Commission, was a vocal critic of Trump leading up to the election. Some fel- low Baptists believe his criticism extended to anyone who voted for the Republican nominee. A December article about Moore in the Wall Street Journal quoted some SBC pastors who said their churches might consider modifying their Cooperative Pro- gram giving (the ERLC receives a small percentage of CP funds) be- cause of Moore's public stances on key recent issues. P. 4 BY MEREDITH FLYNN Series commemorates milestone anniversary P. 13 Plus: Abortions rise in Illinois Lifelines for teen mothers Growing approval of euthanasia Ideas for nursing home ministry

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