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A survey of IBSA churches conducted late last year showed desire for increased assistance with evangelism, discipleship, and leadership. Of special interest to respondents in the survey was ministry that reaches the next generationstudents, young adults, and families with children. Now a separate report tallied in January confirms their concerns. Illinois churches were down in several key areas, according to the 2016 Annual Church Profiles (ACP). For our statewide family of churches, IBSA Executive Director Nate Adams said, 2016 was a reminder that our Baptist faith and message is increasingly counter-cultural, and that now more than ever we must be creative, winsome, and determined to reach and disciple the people of our Illinois mission field. In the down column are membership (from 193,972 in 2015 to 184,545 in 2016) and average Sunday morning worship attendance (from 76,344 to 71,022). Sunday school enrollment was down (from 83, 552 to 79,912), but attendance was up by almost 1,000. Illinois Baptist Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Peoria, Illinois Permit No. 325 Why Illinois needs more churches Table Talk with Dennis Conner P. 13 FEBRUARY 06, 2017 Vol. 111 No. 02 News journal of the Illinois Baptist State Association Visit our new website See page 3 for more addresses. IB MISSIONS Up on the roof Prayer for the city P. 14 Cooperative Program It plays in Peoria P. 11 Global and local Your church's CP giving in 2016 Special Section B in focus Growth Potential How a leaders personal development affects a church's size and direction 2016 Annual Church Profile In times like these Ministry must be 'creative, winsome, determined' P. 3 Team report from the Illinois Leadership Summit P. 7-10 The first two weeks The president & Southern Baptists P. 4

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