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Illinois Baptist Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Peoria, Illinois Permit No. 325 Job one: encourage Diana Davis has Fresh Ideas P. 13 Were always on Get news and commentary 24/7. See page 3 for addresses. MARCH 07, 2016 Vol. 110 No. 04 News journal of the Illinois Baptist State Association Chicago An IBSA pastor appeared on the Steve Harvey Show last month to bring attention to rampant gun violence in his city. Corey Brooks, who pastors New Beginnings Church on Chicagos South Side, was part of a four-person panel on Harveys Feb. 15 episode, the whole of which was dedicated to violence in Chicago. It's a problem Brooks has been fighting for years, most notably during his 2011 campaign on the roof of a motel across the street from his church. I was just tired of it, Brooks said of the crime that riddled the motel. With only a tent to protect him from the Chicago winter, Brooks spent 94 days on the roof, until he had raised $555,000 enough money to buy the hotel and tear it down. faith in action Pastor combats violence Takes to airwaves to save kids and streets P. 3 in focus IN FOCUS: So far, 2016 is not an especially humble year. P. 7 POLITICS 2016 Does a candidates faith matter? Plus: A summary of their beliefs P. 4 MISSIONARIES Over 1,100 take IMB buyout offer Nearly double the expected number P. 5 Mom opposes ad's stereotype, and wins. P. 11 Commercial Success BROOKS P. 3 Water for Flint Water for Flint The speaks to our LOUD, Proud Times

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