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Illinois Baptist Pirates and pastors share this Table Talk with Bryan Price P. 13 Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Peoria, Illinois Permit No. 325 News journal of the Illinois Baptist State Association MAY 27, 2019 Vol. 113 No. 08 MISSION Spirit stirs baptismal waters in month-long emphasis P. 7-9 Grilling America State legislatures in the South and Midwest have adopted a series of laws limiting abortion this year, including the nation's most restrictive abortion law in Alabama. Meanwhile, some Illi- nois lawmakers continued to push what has been called the country's most extreme abortion bill, which would legalize abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. The Alabama law, signed by Gov. Kay Ivey May 15, makes it a felony for a person to perform an abortion in the state. There is an exception in the case of a serious health risk to the mother, but not for rape or incest. The bill faces le- gal challenges, but its sponsors are hopeful it will reach a conservative U.S. Supreme Court and result in the overturn of Roe vs. Wade , the 1973 decision that legalized abor- tion nationwide. The National Right to Life Committee estimates more than 60 million abortions have been performed in the U.S. since 1973. The bill could be a step toward challenging or ultimately over- turning Roe because it directly Right to life Bans target Roe New abortion laws aim for high court review. But will it work? SBC IN BIRMINGHAM Convention nears Greear prexy unopposed, other icers nominated, child protection on agenda P. 4 CAPITOL WATCH Session ends soon Awaiting action on legal pot, mandatory reporting P. 5 LIFESTYLE Rest with purpose Maximizing your vacation for the kingdom P. 16 P. 3 season Online all the time IB Grand celebration in focus New report calls SBC ordination process a weak spot' in abuse prevention P. 11

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