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Illinois Baptist Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Peoria, Illinois Permit No. 325 JUNE 12, 2017 Vol. 111 No. 08 Award-winning news journal of the Illinois Baptist State Association Visit our new website See page 3 for more addresses. IB RITES OF SUMMER Spectacular outcomes Season of service begins with these 'home' missions P. 11 TABLE TALK Hearing voices Sometimes they sound like Dad P. 13 NEWS State ruling assessed Limits faith views of fosters P. 3 TRENDING: Church's new role in developing young believers. Plus, the challenge of communicating with Gen-Z. P. 7 Generational Discipleship in focus mission Teen walks for freedom 300-mile journey spotlights human tricking Rural Illinois Sometimes putting one foot in front of another is a lot harder than it sounds. Thats especially true for 14-year-old Lindsey Yoder who is walking 15 miles a day along the dusty back roads of Illinoisfrom her home in Arthur to Nashville, Tennesseein a quest to raise awareness about human trafficking. She hopes to complete the trek in four weeks. It might be said that the journey began in Springfield in November 2015, when young Yoder attended AWSOM, the Illinois Baptist Women's annual event for teen girls. Human trafficking was the focus, her mother, Regina, said, and that fueled her interest in the issue. When a movie about the international sale and trade of vulnerable young women was shown near her town, Lindsey knew she was ready to make a difference. My heart was broken at the thought of all the girls who are in this horrible situation, and I asked God specifically to tell me how I can help, the teen said in an interview from the road with the P. 4 Watch online at and follow our coverage at YODER Sharing Jesus on the road Biker Pat Pajak can strike up a gospel conversation anywhere P. 16 Southern Baptist Convention 2017 June 13-14 Helping today's families raise followers of Christ & Pastors Conference June 11-12

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