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Springfield The Illinois Department of Chil- dren and Family Services (DCFS) quietly re- leased a new 18-page policy document May 11 regarding the Support and Well-Being of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) Children and Youth. The policy effectively dis- qualifies foster parents who hold biblical values from parent- ing children under the care of DCFS. Albert Mohler , president of Southern Seminary, addressed it on his website. This is actually a set of policies that rules out all be- lieving, convictional Christians from participation in the foster care sys- tem there in the state of Illinois. The new regulations in Illinois will require all adults, whether volunteers or employees, to simply facilitate exploration of any LGBTQ matters through an affirming approach.' The policy, which is part of the larger doc- ument Services Delivered by this Depart- ment, is found in section 302, appendix K. Mohler noted, Its here demanded that any agency with whom the state of Illinois might partner must have policies that are at least as extreme as the Department of Chil- dren and Family Services there, and if theyre not exactly the same, they must actually go further in terms of compliance with the de- mands of the sexual revolutionaries. Also made very clear in the detailed Appendix K is the requirement that all the adults who are involved in the system must be willing to use the preferred gender pronoun for the minors who are addressed to their care. Dennis Hydrick , Executive Director of Baptist Childrens Home and Family Ser- vices (BCHFS), expressed concern about the policy change, but said he is uncertain at this time if it will have any effect on the agency. Hydrick has contacted his counterparts in other states for consultation, but found no one else has ever had to deal with anything like this. Hydrick said DCFS has not responded to his inquiries. He noted BCHFS does not have any contracts through DCFS. The agency does have to licensure through DCFS to do adoptions, home, or congregate children. The policy has received little media at- tention outside conservative and religious circles. Mary Hassan , the writer who broke the story in The Federalist , said the policy was written with the assistance of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Hassan describes it as a fantasyl- and, where gender explorers are championed as brave and au- thentic, adults genuflect before the mythical wisdom of trans children expressing their true gender selves, and transition- ing always brings peace and hap- piness. If only it were true. The DCFS, however, has kicked truth to the curb in blind fealty to the demands of the LGBTQ adult community. The director who instituted the changes is George Sheldon . He signed the policy changes May 6 and on June 1 announced his resignation effective June 15, stating he had accepted an offer to lead the Florida non- profit organization, Our Kids. The Chicago Tribune reported the director is facing an ethics probe as well as bad press over a series of recent deaths of children under the care of DCFS. The state agencys legal counsel Lise Spacapan has been appointed interim direc- tor of the agency by Governor Bruce Rauner. Laurie Higgins , a cultural affairs writer at the Illinois Family Institute, expressed grave concerns regarding the policy. Deny- ing people of theologically orthodox faith the opportunity to foster or adopt these children constitutes the antithesis of a commitment to diversity and puts the lie to DCFSs claim to care about the needs of children, Hig- gins wrote in a press release. The number of available foster and adoptive families for these children who are in desperate need of love, guidance, and wisdom will decrease. Children will be deprived of truly good families, families with mothers and fathers who can distinguish truth from falsehood. Through these changes, the DCFS has prov- en that the desires of adults supersede the needs of suffering children. For information about contacting Gov. Rauner's office to voice opposition to this policy visit, THE TICKER Follow the latest Illinois Baptist news NEWS 3 June 12, 2017 IB ISIS kills Illinois family traveling in Egypt Egypt An Illinois man and several of his rela- tives, including two sons and a grandchild, were among 29 killed in an ISIS attack on a church bus in Egypt. Mohsen Mork- ous , 60, of Tinley Park, his sons Sameh and Hany , both in their 30's, and a 4-year-old granddaughter, Marvy Hany , were killed on their way to a remote Egyptian monastery when they were attacked by members of the Islamic state. A priest identified as Father Rashed , comfort- ing the survivors of the attack, said the terrorists stopped the bus, made the victims walk out, and asked each of them, including the children, wheth- er they were Christians. Rashed said the victims were asked to re- nounce their Christian faith and profess belief in Islam, but all of them-even the children-refused. Each was killed in cold blood with a gunshot to the head or the throat. - WICS, The Christian Post Veto urged for easy gender change Springfield Prior to the end of the spring session, the Illi- nois General Assembly passed a plan to make it easier for transgender people to change the gender designation on their birth certificates. The new law would only require authoriza- tion from a medical profession- al confirming the person has undergone medically appropriate treatment, while current law requires proof of a surgical operation. HB 1785 passed May 25 in the House by a vote of 63-22 and was fast-tracked in the Senate, where it was passed May 31 by a vote of 32-22. The bill now goes to Governor Bruce Rauner who may sign it into law. Religious and conservative groups are urging Rauner to veto the bill, which can remain on the governor's desk for 60 days. If it remains unsigned, the bill will automatically become law. For information about contacting Gov. Rauner's ice,visit Get breaking news in The Briefing online, posted every Tuesday at the briefing Culture Watch State enforces 'trans' kids acceptance New guidelines oust foster parents who hold biblical values MOHLER BY LISA MISNER SERGENT

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