Illinois Baptist 09 12 2016 E Edition Page 3 3 September 12, 2016 THE TICKER Follow the latest Illinois Baptist news NEWS Continued from page 1 from the front: pray for cities, churches Modern conservatives founding mother dies Phyllis Schlafly, best known for her tireless work to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment, has died at the age of 92. Schlafly said the ERA actually would erode women's standing, leading to homo- sexual marriages, women in combat, government- funded abortions, and loss of alimony. After its defeat, she continued to champion conservative causes such as limited government, anti-abortion laws, and traditional education. Schlafly got her start in Alton, Illinois, where after marrying lawyer Fred Schlafly in 1949, she became active in Republican Party politics and ran unsuccessfully for Congress twice. She would go on to found the Eagle Forum grass roots con- servative group, write a newspaper column and newsletter, and author some 20 books. She co- authored a book supporting Donald Trump's can- didacy, which was released the day after she died. Pastors sue over bay therapy ban A group of Illinois pastors is suing the state over a law that bars therapists and counselors from trying to change a minor's sexual orientation, saying the prohibition violates free speech and religious rights. The federal lawsuit seeks to ex- clude clergy from the ban that took effect Jan. 1, arguing that homosexuality is contrary to God's purpose and a disorder that can be resisted or overcome by those who seek to be faithful to God and His Word. The law in Illinois is broader than the other laws, which were aimed at licensed counselors, said attorney John Mauck, stating it shouldn't ap- ply to clergy. - From Religion News Service, Associated Press Get breaking news in The Briefing online, posted every Tuesday at culture watch Louisiana Three teams of Illinois Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers served in flood-ravaged southern Louisiana this month, and three more teams are set to go. More than 65,000 homes and 60 churches were damaged or destroyed. Jan Kragness , a chaplain serv- ing with a team from Williamson Association, told via e-mail about the daughter of a family the team was serving. Kragness said when she gave the girl a salvation doll, She fell apart in my arms. Salva- tion dolls have a sad face on one side representing life without Christ and a happy face on the other representing life with him. The girl told Kragness the sad face was ex- actly her. I assured her that Jesus could be personal to her, Kragness wrote. The girl did not ac- cept Christ, but Kragness is praying she will soon. A DR volunteer from Alabama died in Lou- isiana over the Labor Day weekend. Sonny Ellis lost his balance, fell out of the door of the teams laundry unit and suffered severe brain injuries. Earlier this year Don Fulkerson, a mem- ber of First Baptist Galatia, Ill. died of a heart attack while serving with a team from his church in Leesville, La., following spring loods. IBSA has over 1,600 trained volunteers who serve as part of the Southern Bap- tist Conventions Disaster Relief ministry. Illinois Disaster Relief is accepting gifts to help mobilize Illinois volunteers and equip- ment. To give, send a check payable to Illi- nois Disaster Relief to: IBSA, P.O. Box 19247, Springfield, IL 62703, or donate online at - Info from Baptist Press disaster relief Illinois teams serve in La. flood zone fospel to Jerusalem, Judea, Sa- maria, and the ends of the earth. Each prayer session, or season, will include a 10-min- ute presentation by a national or state prayer leader, 20 minutes of table discussion by participants, and a 30-minute prayer time. The day of prayer features sev- eral Illinois leaders, including IBSAs Prayer Ministries Coordinator Phil Miglioratti, who said the meeting has am- plified meaning in the current culture. Could it be the Lords message in the coming election is: You, Church, have no one you can trust or turn to, except Me, Mi- flioratti said. The Great Commission Prayer Experience is a timely event for Illinois Baptists ready for a serious pursuit of Christ through prayer, he added. A team of SBC national and state prayer leaders have designed a unique for- mat that combines biblical teaching, real-talk group discussion, and fo- cused, fervent prayer. Fulfilling the Great Commission is impos- sible without congregations led by trained prayer champions. Miglioratti will be joined by na- tional prayer leaders Gary Frost, Elaine Helms, Claude King, and Chris Shofield, and church leaders from Illi- nois: Michael Allen, Kevin Carrothers, David Choi, Cheryl Dorsey, Cody and Kath- erine Lorance, and Jonathan Peters. Along with the Friday meeting, on Satur- day, PrayerLink will host a prayer tour in partnership with SEND Chicago, an initia- tive to plant new churches in the city and surrounding areas. The Great Commission Prayer Experience is a free event with complimentary lunch for registered participants. To sign up and for more information, go to www.eventbrite. com/e/prayerlink-tickets-25803943289. PHIL MIGLIORATTI

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