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Most chaotic 3 minutes of the year' Meredith Flynn Reporter's Notebook P. 12 mission Overview: 109th gathering Building blocks 5 Commitments' keep focus on making disciples SPECIAL SECTION P. 7-12 Illinois Baptist NOVEMBER 23, 2015 Vol. 109 No. 16 News journal of the Illinois Baptist State Association Marion With echoes of banjoes and a recent chorus ringing in their ears, messengers left the 109th Annual Meeting of the Illinois Bap- tist State Association with fresh words for prayer: Heal our streets and land, Show your mighty hand; win this nation back Build Your kingdom here!* With that seminal statement comes fresh focus on evangelism. In the Wednesday evening session, messengers were invited to commit to gospel outreach in their own mission fields by placing a pinpoint on a fiant map of Illinois and investing in one or more of five commitments for kingdom growth. P. 3 Stay Updated Get news and commentary online. See page 3 for addresses. Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Peoria, Illinois Permit No. 325 MORE FROM MARION Pastors: 'Love like Christ loves you' Conference highlights P. 9 Resolutions, reports BFI & BCHFS share positive stories P. 10 Tailgate dinner declared 'a hit' Photo gallery P. 11 Tall Order Effective tools keep evangelism front and center at IBSA Annual Meeting IN HIS OWN WORDS Church planting is spiritual warfare' Jerry Rankin at St. Louis visit P. 4 P. 12 WEAVER

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