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Illinois Baptist CARING Small church meets big needs Hunger is year-round P. 5 FRESH IDEAS Take group leaders out to 'launch' Diana Davis P. 13 Keep in touch Get news and commentary online. See page 3 for addresses. Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Peoria, Illinois Permit No. 325 See strength in others, let them lead Edward Jones P. 16 Today's magi are young and worldly wise, but naive about Christ. P. 3 DECEMBER 14, 2015 Vol. 109 No. 17 News journal of the Illinois Baptist State Association The World Evangelicals are all over the place in their reac- tion to the Syrian refugee crisis, in one assessment, a situation complicated many times over by the terrorist attacks that left 129 dead in Paris in November and now the killings of 14 by an Is- lamic couple in San Bernardino, California. First characterized as a workplace shooting, that attack that was soon revealed as moti- vated by religious extremism. The call to aid refugees came as early as September as 1.5 million Syrians fled Islamic ter- rorist forces in their homeland, spilling into Turkey, sailing to Greece, and beginning an un- precedented migration across Europe. But the response from IN FOCUS: Mark Coppenger offers insight from his decade as a church planter in Chicagoland P. 7-9 MISSIONS Author, author Girl pens second book for Haiti school project P. 11 IBSA Welcome Returning missionary joins staff P. 4 N ew The Seekers Refugee Crisis Through biblical lenses How do we balance compassion and security?

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