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Illinois Baptist Nonprofit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Peoria, Illinois Permit No. 325 What are you waiting for? God has already spoken. Table Talk with J.D. Greear P. 13 Q & A: Retiring Children's Home leader on legacy and longing P. 7-9 DECEMBER 26, 2016 Vol. 110 No. 18 News journal of the Illinois Baptist State Association Visit our new website See page 3 for more addresses. Bethlehem In the month Christians celebrate the birth of Christ, Illinois attorney Bruce Kugler visited the place where it happened. Kugler, a member of Living Faith Baptist Church in Sherman, trav- eled to Israel in late November with his pastor, Adam Cruse. Their main objectives were to share the gos- pel, encourage local Christians, and share a resolution adopted by mes- sengers to the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Illinois Baptist State Associa- tion. Many tour groups no longer visit Bethlehem, Kugler said, because Israeli tour guides believe the pre- dominantly Muslim area is too dan- gerous. But the visitors from Illinois were treated by their host family to enough food to feed literally 20 people, Kugler said. During a bus trip back to Jerusalem, they also experienced first-hand the security checkpoints so prevalent in the re- gion. The 2014 IBSA resolution en- courages Baptists in Illinois to pray for Christians in Palestinemany who face persecutionand partner MISSION 10/40 window is moving Mobile population's impact on gospel connections P. 11 CAMPUS Fast growth Bible study reaches international students P. 10 LEADERSHIP Pat's Playbook Coaching on sticky issues P. 16 Big task Doug Devore's 44-year mission to save precious lives P. 3 illinois messengers Tour aims to encourage Leaders take resolution to Middle East Ways to pray in January P. 3 TOP STORIES: What the year just past forecasts for the year ahead P. 5 in focus IB

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